Vietnamese Journey to the Top of the World

The Vietnamese flag was pitched on the summit of Mt. Everest at 6 a.m. (Nepal time), May 22, 2008. The world’s highest mountain was conquered by three Vietnamese men during the filming of a TV reality show named “Conquering Mount Everest 2008”.

This show appeared on Hochiminh Television as well as 45 media outlets in Vietnam making it all worthwhile as it went on to become the highest rated television reality show in our country.

I’m Nam Nguyen (Nguyen Thi Hoai Nam). I was the only Vietnamese reporter, and the only female, with the expedition.

This page tells the story of the Vietnamese journey to the top of the world, Mt. Everest: why we did it; how we made itlife after Everest ; and what I did with the expedition.

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